Do you feel that if you had better legal English, you would be more successful in your career as a lawyer or legal translator?


Would you like to know not only the terms but also how they are used by U.K. and U.S. lawyers, judges, etc.?


Do you want to write legal texts as perfectly in English as native legal professionals?


Master your legal English


Based on my qualifications in law, my 20 years of professional translating legal texts and research, I have written a 1000-page and 50 chapter legal English book, which was foreworded by an Oxford law professor and he called this book a masterly work.


My book has helped nearly 100 Hungarian lawyers to improve their legal English and has been used to train law students at 8 universities worldwide.


This course is based on this book. In the course, we will learn about civil procedure in English, the entire process, and all the legal terminology that arises in the course of the procedure.


We will learn about the terms themselves, specifically how to use them at the level of U.K. and U.S. lawyers, judges, etc.


We will learn about this through the use of sentence patterns.

Let’s take, for example, some such sentence patterns:


(1) it + is + apparent + from evidence + that + subject + verb

(2) evidence + supports + suspicion + that + subject + verb

(3) evidence + supports + suspicion + of wrong

(4) evidence + raises + suspicion + that + subject + verb



These are the sentence patterns that US and UK legal professionals use when creating their sentences.


They are:

- easy to understand,

- easy to use, and

- can be used to write legal texts immediately at the level of a native legal professional.


These are the sentence patterns we will learn in the context of U.K and U.S. civil procedure. The course is held in English only. The course is held in English, and you will learn to express Italian sentences in Civil Procedure Law at the level of U.S. and U.K. legal professionals.


The 16-lesson course is designed to refresh and widely expand your expertise in civil procedure and to make you and an expert in civil procedure, capable of writing texts in civil procedure, whether about commencement of civil procedure, claims and defenses, testimonies and evidencing, judgments, appeals and conclusion of civil procedure, to name only a few key stages of the process.


These lessons specifically cover (lesson titles):


1 - Court and jurisdiction

2 - Stages of court action

3 - Conditions for trial (capacity to stand trial and statute of limitations)

4 - Parties: judge, defence attorney, defendant, appellant, the jury

5 - Placing claim / admission and denial

6 - Defenses

7 - Evidencing

8 - Testimonies of witnesses

9 - Court rulings

10 - Court permitting / court prohibiting / court putting forth content / court prescribing

11 - Court ruling permitting / court ruling prohibiting / court ruling putting forth content / court ruling prescribing

12 - Winning / losing lawsuit

13 - Judgments and force and effect

14 - Enforcement and nonenforcement of judgment / Compliance and noncompliance with judgment

15 - The appellate process - results of appeal, successful and unsuccessful

16 - Ending of court action


Each participant will receive a 160-page e-book entitled Terminology of Civil Procedure in Use which can be downloaded immediately after registration and payment for the course. You can read more about the e-book here:


In English:


In German:


In Italian:


You can also look inside the course materials, specifically the chapter about evidencing, which can be downloaded freely at menu item “Free book”.


You will learn to use a total of 139 Anglo-American legal terms, all of which are included in the 160-page e-book.


The course will be held online, via ZOOM. If you are not familiar with ZOOM, please check out this guide:


See you in class!!

Legal English Course on Civil Procedure

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